Can I use your app?

If you have:
  • a postnl API Key
  • Shopify Advanced or Shopify+ Plan
  • Shopify Basic annual or Shopify Standard Annual Plan
  • Yes you can!

    wait, why shopify basic annual or standard annual?

    In order to add the shipping options to your checkout, we need to be able to use the Shopify Shipping Carrier Service API
    Shopify decided the monthly basic and standard plan are not able to access this API, so we have to go with that :)

    why does the shopify+ plan pay more?

    We try to keep the pricing as reasonable as possible, adding a higher charge to the shopify+ merchants seems to be fair, since these types of stores generate a lot of requests and load on our servers, to be able to offer a reliable service we need to cover the costs for hosting and maintainance, and try to distribute these costs as fairly as possible.